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Why Should You Benefit from Health Tourism Consultancy?

18 November 20214 mins Read

The real question in the minds of companies with Health Tourism targets is where and how they should be in this growing market.  This form of tourism, which will make a great contribution to the country's economy, cannot yet be fully utilised in our country. If you aim to carry the growth you target for your organisation to a much larger market with health tourism, you need to determine the consultancy firm that will work with you as a partner.

Turkey will get more share from Health Tourism. Will you get your share from this cake?

Health tourism marketing consultancy is a special field. The consultancy firm you will work with as a solution partner should understand your target market, analyse your company, reveal the aspects you will stand out in health tourism, carry out the digital marketing work, which is the most important pillar of health tourism consultancy, on a sectoral basis and plan the incentive processes you are entitled to after the processes you have completed.

Turkey is well positioned in the health tourism sector and has a share of 20 billion dollars in the global health tourism market by 2023.

In the last decade, the number of health tourists in the world has exceeded ten million, with an annual turnover of over $100 billion.

What should be the Scope of the Consultancy Service you will receive?

Health Tourism Authorisation Certificate

  • Collection of Required Documents
  • Initiating the Application Process with Relevant Institutions
  • Follow-up of the Process
  • Submission and Follow-up of the Documents Required for Health Tourism Incentives to the Ministry in the Following Process

Health Tourism Digital Marketing Studies

  • Preparation of Corporate Website for Health Tourism
  • Professional Social Media Management
  • Professional Advertising Management
  • International SEO Study
  • Professional Content Production in Many Languages
  • Video & Photography & Drone Shooting
  • Target Country Identification

Health Tourism Incentive Consultancy

It is a great opportunity to take advantage of the support provided by the state for the marketing costs necessary to make and grow Health Tourism and to gain an advantage over competitors. The rents of the offices abroad, all advertisements including social media google, translators and patients' flight fees, overseas fairs, commissions paid abroad are very high by the state, such as commissions paid abroad. Health Tourism Incentives is offered. Our expert team in the field Health Tourism Incentives Consultancy also offers its services.

Health Tourism Incentive Type Incentive Rate Incentive Ceiling (USD) - Duration
Overseas Advertising, Promotion and Marketing Support (Social Media, Facebook, instagram, whatclinic, influencer, newspaper, magazine, television, catalogue etc.) %60 Annual: 400.000 USD - 4 Years
Foreign Office Rent Support (Preliminary Diagnostic Centre, Office, etc.) %60 Annual 120.000 USD (Per Unit) - 4 Years
Trademark Registration Support %50 Annual: 50.000 USD - 4 Years
Interpreting Services Support %50 Per Personnel Per Year: USD 25.000
Translation Services: 50.000 USD
Patient Travel Assistance - Airfare %50 Per Patient 1.000 USD
Per Patient - Charter: 200 USD
Support Programme for Participation in Overseas Fairs, Congresses, Conferences, Seminars, Festivals %50-70 15.000 USD (Per Event)
Supporting Promotion and Training Activities Carried Out in Turkey Exclusively for Abroad %50 Promotion Marketing 50.000 USD
Education USD 100,000
Consultancy Support %50 Annual USD 200.000 - 4 Years
Consultancy Support for Report and Foreign Company Acquisition %60 Annual USD 200.000 - 4 Years
Certification Support (Quality Test and Analysis Certificates) %50 Per Document: 50.000 USD - 4 Years
VAT( Value Added Tax ) Exemption
Corporate Tax Exemption

Our customers and business partners Health Tourism Consultancy can request 3 services together or separately: Health Tourism Authorisation Certificate, Health Tourism Incentive Consultancy and Health Tourism Digital Marketing Consultancy. You can contact us about our services.



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