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What is Health Tourism?

17 November 20213 mins Read

What is health tourism?  It is a form of tourism consisting of patients travelling to other countries to receive medical treatment or assistance. It includes all tourism-related services such as transport, accommodation and hospitality. Health tourism consists of treatment, rehabilitation and spa tourism (spas combining medical and health components).

Reasons for the rise of health tourism

  • 64% of patients travelling for care do not have health insurance.
  • Approximately 83% of incoming patients travel with an accompanying person.
  • 33 per cent of patients prefer abroad for plastic surgery.
  • Approximately 90 per cent of patients or accompanying persons who come for treatment are also involved in tourism activities.
  • Approximately 80% of the demand for medical travel is driven by cost savings.
  • Medical tourists spend a minimum of between €6,083 and €12,885 per medical travel trip
  • 48% of respondents are interested in participating in medical tourism again at some point in the future.
  • The cost and quality of medical treatment were the most important factors in their decision to go abroad for treatment.
  • Of the 49 respondents who have previously travelled abroad for medical treatment, 36% use a medical tourism facilitator.

An overview of the Health Tourism market

  • The total volume of medical tourism in the EU was approximately 56 million domestic arrivals and 5.1 million international arrivals in 2014 (this figure is for medical tourism whose main destinations are wellness, spa and medical treatments).
  • Medical tourism accounts for 4.3 per cent of all EU arrivals
  • Germany, France and Sweden are the main players in the medical tourism industry in the EU.
  • Health tourism accounts for 66-75 per cent of EU health tourism
  • Health tourism generates 4.6 per cent of total tourism revenues and €46.9 billion
  • More than 75 per cent of EU health tourism revenues come from five countries: Sweden, France, Poland, Italy and Germany
  • Market reports point to stabilisation and increase in medical tourism
  • While most medical health tourism clinics also serve local patients and the demand in medical tourism creates an additional source of income.
  • The great contribution of health tourism to the labour market and the national economy

Health tourism is undoubtedly growing exponentially and health and tourism providers are taking their share of the pie. So are governments. National policies in some rapidly developing countries, such as Turkey, are fuelling the growth of medical tourism.

In this article, what is health tourism? We wanted to talk about the subject. We hope it was useful. What is health tourism? or to read our other articles about health tourism, you can browse our other articles on our blog page.

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