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Health Tourism in Turkey

19 November 20212 mins Read

 Turkey, which generates considerable income from millions of tourists every year, has also become an important country in health tourism. An increasing number of patients around the world prefer private health institutions in Turkey. Surgical operations performed by world-renowned Turkish surgeons using modern methods are much cheaper than those performed in Europe and the USA. 500 thousand tourists visit Turkey every year health tourism for the next one.

Many foreign patients prefer Turkish hospitals in many fields of medicine, especially plastic and aesthetic surgery, hair transplantation, eye surgery, IVF, open heart surgery, skin diseases, check-ups, cancer treatment, ear, nose and throat, dialysis and cardiovascular surgery, gynecology, tumor surgeries, neurosurgery, orthopedics and dentistry due to their low cost but high quality and technology standards.

Patients and their families will not only receive physical and mental health care, but will also benefit from the historical and tourism potential of the region.

Spas and thermal centers in Turkey offer beauty and health with curing methods dating back to Roman times.

Thousands of patients from all corners of the world including the USA, Greece, Germany, UK, France, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Algeria, China, Finland, South Africa, South Korea, Iraq, Japan, TRNC, Kuwait, Libya, Egypt, Russia, Turkmenistan, Jordan, United Arab Emirates and Syria prefer Turkey for treatment.

The world will now recognize Turkey with a different tourism potential, namely HEALTH TOURISM TURKEY.

Patients from all over the world will regain their physical and mental health, not only with the latest technology used by world-renowned Turkish doctors and surgeons, but also with our friendly care.

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