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Health Tourism in Bodrum

18 November 20213 mins Read

Health tourism has become extremely important in terms of developing and increasing demand all over the world and extending the life of the tourism season.

The health tourism target, which reached 3 billion dollars in 2019, is increasing exponentially for 2023 after the pandemic conditions.

The predominant type of tourism, both in Turkey and around the world, is mass tourism based on the classical holiday tourism concept. According to data on tourism, more than 50% of the foreigners coming to Turkey are holiday, rest, sightseeing and sightseeing visitors. Therefore, Turkey has to create and develop alternative types of tourism in accordance with its own possibilities and resources. The most important economic dimension of classical mass tourism is the low level of expenditure.

Health Tourism in the World and Turkey

The leading countries in terms of health tourism worldwide are India, Thailand, Singapore, USA, Malaysia, Germany, Mexico, South Africa, Brazil and Costa Rica. Turkey, Panama, Brazil, Malaysia, Costa Rica, Costa Rica, India, India, Turkey, Malaysia and Hungary, Czech Republic, Austria, Bali and Maldives are among the leading countries in medical tourism, thermal tourism and spa wellness tourism, respectively. India is considered as the center of medical tourism.

Medical tourism is when a person travels to another country in order to regain their health in areas such as dental treatment and organ transplantation.

Turkey also has new market opportunities in health tourism. Offering both cost advantages, sightseeing opportunities and quality technological infrastructure, Turkey is one of the top choices of international patients in global health tourism. Bodrum, the most popular tourism destination in Turkey, is 2 hours away from many European countries by plane. There is an increasing demand for health tourism due to the fact that it is the closest center where southern countries can come.

Since the prices are much lower than the UK, EU and USA, there has been an increasing demand for treatment, especially in the recent period.

In Bodrum, we have many advantages that we can offer to patients in the field of health tourism.

• Doctor quality is very high
• The bed capacity of hospitals is being increased with the opening of new institutions.
• High level of technical equipment
• Hospitals as comfortable as hotels
• Existence of integrated and accredited health institutions with the West
• Availability of interpreter services in private hospitals
• Geographical proximity to Eurasian countries
• We have social and cultural affinity with the region.
• The fact that the sea, sand and sun vacation option is at the forefront for the audience aiming to be treated or rehabilitated.

By making good use of these advantages, making good promotion, developing health tourism and increasing activities in Bodrum will both extend the season and create serious employment. Investments and studies to be made in Bodrum for health tourism will enable us to get a serious share from the $ 100 billion health tourism revenues in the world.

You can reach all your goals by working with Tr Cure Consultancy in the field of Health Tourism.

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